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Learntopadle Now @ Middle Harbour & Narraben lake Sydney Solo paddling 7 days This class is your chance to go paddling by yourself. All craft and equipment needed is supplied. Solo Paddling can only be used after two a 1 on 1 lessons with our coaches, to ensure your safety. BOOK ONLINE OR PHONE 0406951511 $0.00 AUD
SURFSKIWAREHOUSE OPEN 7 days Appointment preferred All level ski & kayak & pedals and training available what you are waiting for everyone welcome here $0.00 AUD
K1 Sonic Large & medium Brand new sport construction Delivery Australia wide Open 7 days $30 new kayak available for you $4,950.00 AUD
DD 3 Magnum Carbon 11 kg In excellent condition Adjustable ski Delivery Australia 🇦🇺 wide $1,950.00 AUD
K1 CINCO XXL SCS The k1 Cinco is such a all round awesome boat excellent for k1 sprint regattas And all kayak marathon races rides the the wash incredibly and is in good condition. SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE AVAILABLE GIVE US A CALL ON 0406951511 $3,950.00 AUD
Mazu 45 The mazu 45 is the perfect all round ski with it being so quick off the mark and it’s ability to glide so well it will destroy any other boat on the ocean and flat Great excuse to buy the best surfski around in these tuff times. GIVE US A CALL ON 0406951511 SHIPPING A... $4,000.00 AUD
Elio k1 Sonic The Elio k1 sonic is the fastest k1 on the market. As the boat is size small it will fit a smaller paddler. Give us a call on 0406951511 SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE AVAILABLE $3,250.00 AUD
STELLAR SEL The stellar sel is such a beautiful boat it comes with absolute speed and stability for what it is such a great boat at a low price no better excuse to get out and explore the beautiful harbour and ocean through these tuff times SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE AVAILABLE GIVE US A... $1,500.00 AUD

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